Board certified plastic surgeon Kevin Cook, MD discusses the many options available when considering breast augmentation and responds to common patient inquiries.

Midland, TX – For Midland plastic surgeon Kevin Cook, MD, breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures he performs. According to Dr. Cook, adult women of all ages come to his practice seeking to enhance the appearance of their bustline. Whether they desire fuller breasts, more shapely curves, or a more youthful lift to their breasts, he listens to their motivations and goals and carefully explains their breast augmentation options. He believes that the more informed his patients are about the procedure, the easier the process is to navigate.

One of the most common questions Dr. Cook hears is: which breast implants will give me the look I want? When it comes to breast implants, there are so many different choices for patients to make, he explains. SIlicone or saline; round or anatomical; smooth or textured; the options can seem endless, but the bottom-line for many of his patients is which one is going to best meet their physical and cosmetic requirements. During the initial patient consultation, he emphasizes the plastic surgeon really has to understand the body he or she is working with, and how it will likely respond to different implants and breast augmentation techniques. He notes that walking the patient through the various types of implants, incision methods, and implant placement options is vital to reaching a mutual conclusion that can yield optimal results.

Often, patients also ask Dr. Cook which augmentation approach he thinks is best for achieving the end result they desire. In some cases, his patients have not considered adding a breast lift to their procedure to elevate the bustline, reduce drooping, reshape the breasts, and add volume with one surgery, he explains.

Ultimately, Dr. Cook’s consultation process culminates in a discussion about the cost of breast augmentation surgery. At this point in the process, he and his staff are able to calculate a price based on the variables he and the patient have discussed. The cost of each procedure can vary, he explains, and it is important to receive a customized quote that lays out financial obligations very clearly. He also advises that, if patients are concerned about affording the cost of the surgery, exploring any financing options offered through the practice may be beneficial.

About Kevin Cook, MD

Dr. Kevin Cook is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon and the medical director of Midland Plastic Surgery Center. He earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston. After medical school, Dr. Cook began his specialized training in all aspects of plastic surgery at the University of Cincinnati. He furthered his surgical experience by completing a fellowship in craniofacial surgery at the Center in Dallas. At his practice, Dr. Cook offers a wide range of options for improving the appearance of the breasts, body, face, and skin. He also provides reconstructive surgery services for patients affected by facial trauma and cancer. He is available and interview upon request.

For more information about Dr. Kevin Cook and Midland Plastic Surgery Center please visit and If you need to reach Dr. Kevin, you can contact Imperial LGA, EWR, JFK Airport Car Service at 929 331-2898.


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