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Facelift / Neck Lift

Facelift / Neck LiftFacelift and neck lift procedures can turn back the hands of time and beautifully renew your appearance. Dr. Kevin Cook is experienced with facial and neck rejuvenation treatments that can smooth out wrinkles, eliminate excess skin, and give the face and neck a more youthful and firm look. These procedures are two of our most popular surgical treatment options at Midland Plastic Surgery Center, and Dr. Cook always focuses on creating results that look natural.

What Is a Facelift?

A facelift is one of the most comprehensive cosmetic treatment options for patients who wish to reverse the common signs of facial aging. This surgery is designed to counteract the effects of sun exposure, environmental factors, tobacco use, gravity, and the natural aging process. By elevating sagging skin and removing excess skin, a facelift can significantly improve the appearance of the lower third of the face. Each facelift procedure is custom-tailored to address the patient’s individual cosmetic concerns, including skin laxity, diminished facial volume, jowls, creases, and wrinkles. After a facelift, patients can enjoy a more youthful, revitalized appearance.

What Is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift can be performed alone or in combination with a facelift. This surgery is designed to reduce skin laxity beneath the chin and remove excess fat for more defined neck contours. A neck lift can also target and tighten the platysma muscle, which runs along the sides of the neck. When this muscle becomes overly lax, banding or “turkey neck” can develop. After a neck lift, patients can enjoy a sleeker, more toned neck for a more youthful look.

Benefits of Facelift & Neck Lift

Facelift and neck lift surgery offer patients a number of benefits, including:

  • Reduction of facial lines, wrinkles, and creases
  • Elimination of excess skin and a “jowling” appearance
  • Toned and tightened facial/neck skin for a firmer, more youthful appearance
  • Improved the contours of the chin and neck

Dr. Cook custom-tailors facelift and neck lift treatments to align with the cosmetic goals of the individual patient. Though these procedures can be performed separately, some patients choose to have a facelift and neck lift performed simultaneously, depending on their ultimate needs and goals. Others choose to combine one or both of these procedures with an additional cosmetic surgery, such as a brow lift or facial implants, for an even more comprehensive rejuvenation. To learn more about how a facelift or neck lift may help you address your aesthetic concerns, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Cook today.

During the consultation process, Dr. Cook will review your medical history, perform a physical exam, and determine your candidacy for either facelift or neck lift surgery. Dr. Cook takes special care to listen to your individual expectations and desires, and will carefully answer all of your questions. He will explain all aspects of both procedures to help you determine if they are the right options for your needs.

Facelift & Neck Lift Procedure

For both facelift and neck lift surgery, Dr. Cook will carefully make incisions in inconspicuous areas to reduce the appearance of any residual scarring. Incisions are typically created along the hairline, in the creases behind the ear, or underneath the chin. Dr. Cook will remove excess skin, tighten underlying facial and/or neck muscles, and pull the remaining skin taut to provide a smoother, more youthful appearance.

For some patients who are considering neck rejuvenation, liposuction may be all that’s needed to achieve their goals. Dr. Cook will determine which technique is ideal for your needs during the initial consultation.

Facelift & Neck Lift Recovery and Results

Patients will experience some swelling and bruising after their procedure, though any post-operative discomfort can be controlled with medication. Elevating your head and neck as much as possible during the days after surgery can also aid in the healing process. Most patients are able to return to work within one to two weeks, and feel comfortable attending social functions after two or three weeks. At this time, you can typically see the initial improvements from your surgery, though your results will continue to improve as healing progresses and any residual swelling dissipates.

Facelift and neck lift surgery has helped patients across the globe achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance with results that last for years!

Facelift & Neck Lift Scars

Patients are often concerned about any visible scars that could be left behind after plastic surgery. When it comes to facelift and neck lift procedures, there are many different incision strategies that Dr. Cook can use to keep scarring as hidden as possible. Whether he uses advanced surgical techniques that conceal incisions within the hairline, in front of the ear, or behind the ear—his experience and expertise allow him to minimize potential scarring as much as possible. Proper post-operative wound care and recovery time is also critical to how incisions heal after facelift and neck lift surgery. Abstaining from smoking, attending all post-op appointments, taking your antibiotic medications as prescribed, and following all post-op care guidelines can help reduce the chances of healing complications and the formation of problematic scar tissue. Eating nutrient-rich foods and getting plenty of rest during recovery can also help boost your body’s healing capabilities.

It is important to understand that your scars may initially appear a bit reddish or raised; however, as the scar tissue matures, it should both fade and flatten. If at any point you are concerned about the visibility of your facelift or neck lift scars, you may consider effective laser skin resurfacing treatments for scar reduction offered at out practice. It is very rare that Dr. Cook’s patients request or require these kinds of treatments after their facelift or neck lift; however, patients who have had their procedures performed by another surgeon and are unhappy with visible scarring sometimes request laser scar treatments.

Combining Facelift Surgery with Complementary Procedures

It is very common for patients to combine facelift and neck lift surgery with other plastic surgery procedures. Since a facelift can only rejuvenate the lower third of the face, patients who desire a more comprehensive degree of improvement may desire a mid-facelift to renew the cheek region, eyelid surgery to achieve more youthful-looking eyes, and/or a brow lift to reposition the upper third of the face. Often, multiple procedures can be performed within the span of one operation, which benefits patients in many ways. During your personal consultation, Dr. Cook can discuss a custom-tailored plan involving surgical and/or non-surgical procedures designed to bring about an optimal aesthetic outcome.

Facelift and Neck Lift Cost

Since each facelift and neck lift procedure is customized to meet the needs of the unique patient, there is no set cost for either procedure. There are a number of variables that can impact the total price of a facelift or neck lift surgery, including:

  • The complexity of the customized surgical plan
  • Whether or not a facelift is combined with a neck lift
  • Hospital fees
  • Anesthesiologist fees
  • Post-operative medications
  • The skill and experience of your plastic surgeon

At the end of your initial consultation, Dr. Cook can provide you with an accurate quote for the price of your custom-tailored procedure. Many patients take advantage of our plastic surgery financing options, which can provide low monthly payments with low to no interest for approved applicants. These financing options, such as CareCredit®, allow qualified patients to pay for the cost of facelift or neck lift surgery in a manner that works with their budgets.

The Mini Facelift

A facelift is an excellent option for patients dealing with severe signs of aging that require extensive correction. But for those who desire a more subtle improvement in their facial aesthetic, Midland Plastic Surgery Center also provides the mini facelift procedure.

The mini facelift is a modified version of the traditional facelift method that utilizes smaller incisions made into the hairline. This less invasive approach focuses on the lower portion of the face and is designed to help treat loose, sagging skin that resides around the neck and jawline. The mini facelift technique is the perfect middle ground for those who want to see a greater improvement in their facial aesthetics than what is provided by injectable fillers, but desire an easier, less invasive procedure than what the traditional facelift offers.

Facelift Without Surgery

There are several methods of rejuvenating the appearance of the face without surgery. Using a combination of injectable treatments, Dr. Cook can perform what is known as a “liquid” facelift. BOTOX® Cosmetic can diminish the appearance forehead wrinkles and creases, vertical lines between the brows, and crow’s feet. Dermal fillers can then restore lost volume to facial features such as the cheeks or lips, as well as reduce the prominence of deep folds. A liquid facelift can treat many common cosmetic concerns associated with the natural aging process without the downtime associated with surgery.

Non-surgical skin tightening treatments using state-of-the-art FaceTite technology can also provide alternative methods of facial rejuvenation for more youthful looking skin. Many of the advanced laser skin rejuvenation treatments we offer can effectively improve facial skin laxity, boost collagen production, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; however, the results are not as extensive or long-lasting as facelift surgery.

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