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Many patients considering their hair-restoration options ask themselves, “Why ARTAS?” The ARTAS System offers a number of benefits. This technological innovation provides extremely natural-looking results with the help of artificial intelligence in hair grafting. It can negate the need for combovers, wigs, hats, and other short-term solutions.

Hair loss is a problem that affects more than 1 in 5 Americans. Men and women are distressed by their thinning hair, wispy hair, bald patches, and receding hairlines. If you’ve been worrying about the amount of hair falling out when you brush and comb your hair, this procedure may be right for you.

What Is ARTAS?

The ARTAS System a hair-grafting technique that allows physicians to use artificial intelligence and robots to assist in the transplant process. This helps to provide results superior to other grafting options.

Why Is the ARTAS System Revolutionary?

The ARTAS System uses follicular unit extraction to extract donor hair from the sides and back of your head. It is then prepared and seamlessly grafted onto the problem areas of your scalp. The AI scans and maps your scalp, then processes this information to find the perfect hairs to harvest. It also determines the perfect sites for grafting.

The guided system then uses robotic technology to graft the hairs. The new hairs require time to settle into your scalp and develop connections, but in time, they will begin to grow out, restoring a full head of hair.

Benefits of the ARTAS System

The artificial intelligence powering ARTAS offers results unlike anything else on the market:

  • Incredibly precise: The digital mapping is calibrated to group the right hair follicles together with a speed and delicacy that no human can match.
  • Quick recovery times: Because an AI assists the physicians, the risk of human error is vastly reduced, allowing for minimal stress on the scalp and rapid recovery as a result.
  • Unmatched analysis systems for perfect distribution: The ARTAS System can graft dozens of hairs in a single second to create perfectly uniform and balanced results.
  • Natural results: The ARTAS System results in gradual hair growth that looks natural without damaging existing hair strands.

The Procedure

An ARTAS procedure takes six hours on average. You will be seated for the entire procedure, with staff overlooking you to provide maximum comfort. Your hair is first trimmed to enable easier digital mapping by the AI.

An anesthetic is applied, along with a device placed on your skin to guide the system to map out your scalp. It analyzes your scalp, then calculates the ideal extraction sites and implant sites.

The hairs are extracted and then grafted onto the lacking areas of the scalp to grow as permanent hair once they settle.

After Your ARTAS Procedure

Most people need a single day of rest after treatment, after which they can return to work with no issues. The grafts take three days to settle and will gradually grow out just like regular healthy hair. Most patients enjoy significant results within months.

The ARTAS System creates natural-looking results with negligible scarring and dramatically reduces human error from the grafting process.

Schedule an ARTAS Consultation to Learn More

If you’ve been wondering “Why ARTAS?”, the best way to learn more is by arranging a consultation at Midland Hair Transplant with hair-restoration specialist Dr. Kevin Cook. Dr. Cook regularly performs ARTAS procedures and has numerous satisfied patients. To schedule your consultation, contact us today and make your appointment.