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Breast Reconstruction

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Breast ReconstructionAt Midland Plastic Surgery Center, we know how helpful breast reconstruction is to cancer patients. We also know that breast cancer can be one of the most devastating experiences in a woman’s life – and we are here to help. We respect that the decision to undergo breast reconstruction in Midland is very personal, complex, and intimate. If you have had a mastectomy or are planning a mastectomy, plastic surgeon Dr. Kevin Cook can reconstruct the appearance of the breast for a natural look and feel.

What Is Breast Reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction restores breasts to their normal appearance, shape, size, and symmetry after mastectomy, to address congenital deformities, or after lumpectomy. It usually involves several procedures conducted in stages.

Women who have had mastectomy turn to breast reconstruction to help restore their sense of beauty and femininity. Many patients feel feminine again once they get back their breasts’ natural shape and size.

Candidates for Breast Reconstruction

You may be an ideal candidate for breast reconstruction if:

  • You wish to restore the normal appearance of your breasts.
  • You are free from cancer.
  • You are not suffering from another illness that may prevent proper recovery.
  • You have coped well with your previous diagnosis and necessary treatment.
  • You can commit to multiple surgeries.
  • You are optimistic but realistic about your goals in restoring your normal breasts and image.

You may not be an ideal breast reconstruction candidate if you have diabetes, are a smoker, or have high blood pressure. These conditions may put you at a higher risk during breast reconstruction and can impede healing.

Your Breast Reconstruction Consultation

During your consultation for breast reconstruction, Dr. Cook will carefully evaluate your medical history, perform a physical exam, and listen to your concerns and desires. Dr. Cook will also take into account whether or not you may undergo chemotherapy or radiation in the future. At that point, he can determine your candidacy for the procedure and if breast reconstruction can achieve your goals. Dr. Cook focuses on patient education during these one-on-one conversations, reviewing all of your options and allowing you to make well-informed decisions about your body and your health.

Dr. Cook custom-tailors each breast reconstruction surgery and attempts to recreate a breast as close to your natural shape as possible. In some cases, health insurance providers may cover the cost of the surgery. To discuss your personal goals with Dr. Cook, please schedule a consultation with us today.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Breast reconstruction is typically performed using either a breast implant or your own soft tissue. Dr. Cook can use a tissue expander to gently stretch the skin and muscles, creating a space for an implant. Alternatively, flap reconstruction – also known as autologous tissue reconstruction – utilizes excess fatty tissue from the abdomen, back, or buttocks to recreate a breast that can become fully integrated with your body. Regardless of which breast reconstruction approach you choose, Dr. Cook can also recreate a natural-looking nipple and areola for beautiful results. For some patients, it may be possible to perform breast reconstruction simultaneously with your mastectomy.

Breast Reconstruction Results and Recovery

Patients typically experience some swelling, soreness, and bruising for one to two weeks after breast surgery. To improve your comfort during this time, oral pain medication can be prescribed. It may take you some time to get used to the feeling of your new breast, and patients may find this transitional period affects them both physically and emotionally.

After breast reconstruction, most patients are still able to undergo chemotherapy or radiation if needed. In addition, your new breast should not impact the ability of your doctor to detect any recurrence. Many of our breast reconstruction patients at Midland Plastic Surgery Center have reported improved self-esteem and overall quality of life while enjoying beautiful breasts that both look and feel natural.

The Cost of Breast Reconstruction

The price of breast reconstruction can be impacted by the surgeon’s fee, prescriptions for medication, anesthesia fees, surgical facility costs, medical tests and imaging, and post-surgery garments. Since breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients is a reconstructive procedure, health insurance should cover its cost.

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