Each woman who comes to our practice for breast augmentation has her own unique motivations and goals for the procedure. If you are considering breast augmentation to increase the overall volume of the breasts, enhance the shape, and/or improve symmetry, choosing the right implants is essential to achieving the look you desire. Each type of implant offers its own set of benefits, and Dr. Kevin Cook can help you navigate these choices to decide on the best option for you. Below we have listed some general advantages of the various breast implants we offer:

Saline Implants

  • Saline breast implants require only a small incision, as they are filled after the shell is placed within the breast pocket.
  • Rupture of a saline implants is immediately noticeable and the solution is completely harmless to the body.
  • Available in many sizes and projections.

SIlicone Implants

  • Very natural look and feel.
  • Less likely to cause rippling.
  • Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, consistencies, and projections.

Shape and Size

  • Round implants will typically achieve a fuller overall look.
  • Both round saline and silicone implants are available in a variety of projections which gradually extend the shape of the breast forward from the chest (i.e. low, moderate, and full profile).
  • Silicone breast implants are unique in that their consistency allows for anatomically-shaped teardrop implants that resemble the natural sloping breast contour. This shape creates more fullness at the bottom of the breast and less on top.
  • Tear drop implants also come in a range of various projections.
  • All implant types and shapes come in a wide variety of sizes to suit almost any frame.

Dr. Cook can assist with each decision you make about your breast augmentation. During the consultation process, he listens carefully to your personal expectations and helps customize your procedure to meet your goals. To get a better understanding of the results you can achieve, we offer sizers that allow you to “try on” different sized breast implant options and evaluate how they look and feel. Dr. Cook can also provide his professional recommendation about which breast implants might best complement your figure and balance your frame. To schedule your breast augmentation consultation at Midland Plastic Surgery Center, please contact our office today.