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Facial Trauma and Reconstruction

Injuries and trauma to the face often cause patients’ self-esteem to suffer during a time when they may be experiencing lost facial function and cosmetic damage. Our patients at Midland Plastic Surgery Center have come to us after incidents such as sports injuries, car accidents, severe animal bites, and even assault. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Kevin Cook uses an approach to reconstruction that combines a focus on restoring lost function with his experience in facial aesthetics to beautifully renew your appearance. With advanced reconstructive surgery techniques – including wound closure, skin grafts, and fracture repair – Dr. Cook can design a treatment plan to address a variety of functional and cosmetic needs. For Dr. Cook, facial reconstruction is one of the most rewarding aspects of plastic surgery, as he is able to rejuvenate one’s appearance and restore overall quality of life.

Facial Trauma and Reconstruction at Midland Plastic Surgery

Ear Reconstruction

Whether your ear has been compromised by injury or a condition such as microtia – a hereditary condition that can deform the ear – Dr. Cook can recreate the ear or ears with beautiful results. Microtia may affect the appearance of one or both ears, and in some cases the ear may be altogether absent. With his reconstructive surgery techniques and his advanced knowledge of facial anatomy, Dr. Cook can sculpt a restored ear that compliments your other features for a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Nasal Reconstruction

After severe trauma or injury to the nose, nasal reconstruction and rhinoplasty surgery can restore both form and function. Dr. Cook’s experience as a plastic surgeon who has focused on the aesthetics and anatomy of the face helps him to recreate a nose that looks natural and beautiful while also facilitating normal, easy breathing. In addition to nasal reconstruction procedures, some of our patients at Midland Plastic Surgery Center seek out Dr. Cook’s talents with revision rhinoplasty surgery when they are unhappy with the results of a previous nose surgery.

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