Just as there is no one type of breast implant that is perfect for every woman, there is no one implant placement that will look most natural in every case. When recommending which implant placement might be best, Dr. Kevin Cook considers factors such as your skin quality, natural breast volume, chest muscle tone, and fat distribution. The size and shape of the breast implants you choose can also influence the implant placement Dr. Cook suggests.

There are two major breast implant placement options: sub-glandular and sub-muscular. With sub-glandular placement, the implant is placed beneath the breast tissue but above the chest muscle, which may be ideal for patients who frequently use their pectoral muscles for rigorous athletic activity. Sub-muscular placement is often considered ideal for achieving more natural looking results and may reduce the risk of visible rippling or sagging that can be associated with sub-glandular placement. For some patients, a combined approach called dual-plane placement may offer a compromise between both major options, placing just the upper pole of the implant below the chest muscle.

During the consultation process, Dr. Cook will perform a physical examination, review your breast augmentation expectations, and help you decide which breast implant type and placement can best meet your individual needs. Please contact us today for more information about breast augmentation, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cook.