Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your skincare products and wondered if the stuff in there really works? Most skincare lines claim they have unique formulas, but it can be very hard to tell whether there is substance behind the hype or if there is enough of the “special” ingredients to make a difference.

At Midland Plastic Surgery Center, we know what works and what doesn’t! Our skincare professionals have done the research, read countless clinical studies and even self-tested to find the best skincare products.

While many skincare lines have their merits, we believe ZO Skin Health is a step above the rest! Dr. Cook and his staff all use ZO Skin Health products, and we are extremely impressed by how effectively each product works for its stated purpose, whether that’s firming, brightening, wrinkle reduction, acne calming, or protection.

Healthier and More Beautiful Skin In The Long Run

ZO Skin Health is headed by world-famous dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi. His philosophy, based on over 30 years in dermatology practice, is that products should be seen as just one part of a larger skin health regimen. While most products focus only on improving the appearance of skin, ZO Skin Health is designed to achieve long-lasting changes in skin cells that not only help your skin look better in the short term, but also address damage in all skin layers, stimulate healthy skin cell regeneration, correct existing flaws, and slow skin aging.

Benefits Of ZO Skincare Health

  • The most potent skincare lines on the market. ZO products are designed to be used as part of a physician-led health improvement regimen and are only sold through authorized physicians. Products contain ingredients in concentrations that OTC and online skincare lines aren’t allowed to sell because they are so potent that they shouldn’t be used without doctor supervision—but this means they are much more effective when used under doctor supervision.
  • Formulated to reach deeper into the skin. This helps them work more quickly and effectively than products that sit on the skin’s surface (which is most over-the-counter skincare). An example of this is ZO Radical Night Repair (RNR). It contains “microencapsulated” 1% retinol, which has smaller particles that penetrate skin cells better than even most prescription Retinoid products.
  • Backed by reliable scientific research. We appreciate that the ZO Skin Health company stays current with dermatology research and isn’t afraid to update its products when new science emerges that can improve patient outcomes. For example, ZO skin brightening products don’t contain hydroquinone, as we have learned that skin can build resistance to hydroquinone, rendering it useless as a skin lightener over time.
  • ZO can improve skin health and target medical skin concerns. Even many medical grade skincare lines are not clinically proven to safely treat conditions such as rosacea or cystic acne. ZO Medical products contain prescription-strength ingredients that are clinically proven to treat these and other common skin disorders. Patients can use ZO Medical to rapidly correct these issues and then continue with a ZO Skin Health regimen to maintain optimal skin health and appearance day to day.
  • Absolutely a fantastic value. Considering these benefits, you may assume ZO would cost considerably more than other options, but prices are comparable to any other medical grade skincare line. And, in our experience, ZO products get faster, more dramatic results.

Getting Started With ZO Skin Health

Remember, ZO Skin Health is meant to be part of your overall skincare plan. Our skincare professionals will listen to your concerns and match you with the ZO products and treatments for your needs, based on your skin classification and unique goals.

If you would like to more information about a skincare consultation, please call (432) 618-6772 or visit our new online store to view all ZO products.